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About - AeroBeats.com


Music excites. Music calms. Music unites.

In the world we live in today, in a society fractured by geographical, socioeconomic and racial tensions, music is a common denominator. People, regardless of background or experience, can listen to and take part in the shared experience of enjoying the same piece of music. Whether it may be Electronic Dance Music, pop, hip-hop, or even jazz or classical music, there is no doubt that music transcends boundaries that so often seem impossible to surmount.

The music community is a live one. Every day, new artists rise to prominence, new songs are released, and new trends are formed– and therein lies the beginnings of AeroBeats.com. Started in 2012 by a couple of friends, we seek to stay on top of the changes and movement in the music community for your consumption. Hence, our brand name– Aero: short for “aerodynamic”, denoting fast moving and reducing drag. Beats: of or relating to rhythm in music.  At AeroBeats, we tackle the “fast moving” nature of the music industry, and write about the best songs and most pressing news daily.  We hope you enjoy AeroBeats, whether on this website, on YouTube or on SoundCloud.



THE TEAM: To see the people running AeroBeats, click here for our Masthead!

MISSION: Our purpose is to bring you the best, legally free music around and we are working hard to supply you with songs in order to share our passion for music. We observe the rights of all artists, so please read our Terms of Service for any questions.

www.aerobeats.com (“website”), is for promotional use only. This website does not engage in illegal downloads, and if you would like a song removed please contact aerobeatsmgmt@gmail.com




Q: What do you use to run the site?
A: We use WordPress to run the site and WebHostingHub for hosting.

Q: Where do you find songs?
A: We primarily find songs through email submissions, SoundCloud, other music blogs, and Youtube.

Q: Where can I contact you?
A: Send an email to aerobeatsmgmt@gmail.com

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