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Masthead - AeroBeats.com


    Editor In Chief
Evan Lee
Evan Lee is the Founder of AeroBeats.com and is currently a freshmen at Princeton University. He has lived in both New York and California, and has loved EDM for many years– However, he also dabbles in the occasional Hip Hop and Alternative/Indie Rock. Evan also creates the graphics for AeroBeats. Evan’s Song Pick: Any remix (or the original) of Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be”.

INSTAGRAM: @hevanlee


     Senior Editor
Andrew Basile
Andrew Basile, Senior Editor (with emphasis in Hip-Hop), joined Evan and the AeroBeats.com team when they were freshmen together in high school. Andrew has been a long time Hip-Hop fan, but also enjoys trap and other EDM. He also raps and produces under the pseudonym, Dre Scott, and looks to pursue music during and after college. Andrew’s Current Top 3 rappers: Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, J. Cole. He is currently a freshmen at the University of Southern California.

INSTAGRAM: @andrewbuhseal
TWITTER: @abasstale


       EDM Editor
Will McGuirk
William “Guirkee” McGuirk, EDM Editor, is a proud contributor to Aerobeats. He joined the Aerobeats team in late 2013 after meeting Evan and sharing a love of EDM music. He is a freshmen at Georgetown University, and is a huge EDM enthusiast. He is a big Progressive Electro and Big Room House guy, but has a pretty open minded attitude towards music. If he could be any appliance in the kitchen, he would be the toaster.

SOUNDCLOUD: @guirkmasterflex


   Spotlight Editor
Gerald Kwok
Gerald Kwok, a Spotlight Editor at Aerobeats.com, joined the team in 2013 after he and Evan discovered a mutual interest in the rising EDM scene. A freshmen at Duke University, Gerald runs an EDM promotional channel of his own on YouTube with over 2,000 subscribers. Though admittedly not Skrillex’s greatest fan, he does agree that ‘all is fair in love and brostep.’

YOUTUBE: /OzymandiasParagon