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Alesso feat. ID – Heroes [Unreleased, Played at Tomorrowland 2014]

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In the past few days, ripped versions of an unreleased song by Alesso have been flooding YouTube. The song, which is being currently using the working title “Heroes” (until Alesso officially releases… Read More


Lollapalooza Announces 2014 Lineup!

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The hyped lineup for Lollapalooza was finally released! The 14th annual Lollapalooza, is set to continue its dominance as one of the largest festivals in North America. This year, there will be… Read More

Drum & Bass

DnB 101 – Introduction to Drum & Bass

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It seems that with the recent hype over EDM music, a small but distinguished genre on the EDM is often overlooked: Drum and Bass. Although few recognize the term “Drum and Bass”,… Read More

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